Las Vegas Knife & Axe Throwers/Blade Enthusiasts

"The World's Top Ranked Knife Throwing Couple."  


May 2-3, 2015 at Tribal Advantage Las Vegas

About Us

The Blade Aces were founded by TJ and Melody Joy Cuenca. This husband and wife team are dedicated to promoting the sport of knife and axe throwing all over the world and their expertise in the Eastern and Western arts are evident in their passion for the sport. They are also the owners of Tribal Advantage Systems International in Las Vegas, NV.

Melody Joy "Montana Hale" recently won the 2014 Women's World Knife and Axe Throwing Champion in Callac, France where set set two world records, is a 3X inducted member of the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame and was the 2012 World Speed Throw champion.  This most recent win makes her a six time World Champion. As a performer in the Rhinestone Ropers western stage show with Dan Mink, Melody has traveled all over the country spinning guns, cracking whips and performing on the Wheel of Death. Their show was in the quarter finals elimination round of NBC's "America's Got Talent". Melody is also a graduate of the United Stuntman's Association's stunt program and has appeared on several commercials, TV shows and movies.

Jon 'TJ Quicksilver' Cuenca is a Level 18 master in the Filipino Martial Art style of Ocho Kantos Kali, 3rd Dan Tae Kwon do black belt and former Muay Thai kickboxer.  His expertise in knife defense and armed combat comes from over 35 years of martial arts experience.  He is listed in the Top 100 Living Filipino Martial Arts masters in the world by the Philippine Museum and is a member of the World Filipino Martial Arts Association and the International Martial Arts Council. He is a nine-time champion in Bladesport (knife fighting) and is a professional stuntman and actor that has appeared in several motion pictures, commercials and theatrical productions.

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